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Sadama 28 is a combination of the sea, history, and modern solutions—a contemporary home full of light and air on the seashore of Haapsalu, the most beautiful resort town in Estonia.

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Home port in the heart of town

Sadama 28 is a spacious and light terraced house right on the seafront of Estonia’s most beautiful resort town, Haapsalu. It is the perfect dwelling place for those who are looking for unique experiences that incorporate high-quality solutions and marvellous locations.

In designing the building, the focus was on highlighting the location’s special characteristics, bringing both sunlight and a sea view into each of the apartments. Although there are large windows overlooking the sea, high ceilings and rooms full of light in the house, it is still very energy efficient owing to modern solutions. Each of the apartments has a private balcony overlooking the sea. There are luxurious terraces with a view to the sea and a private quay on the side of the house facing the sea. You can sail anywhere you want from here and return home by nightfall.

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Sadama 28 is a great place to stay both for those who enjoy luxurious experiences and those who are searching for some small-town peace and quiet. The house is located on an old islet in Haapsalu, in a heritage conservation area and a built-up area of cultural and environmental value. As the building is situated right on the seashore, you can explore the untouched beaches of Estonia both from land and sea.

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History of Haapsalu

Jüriöö uprising, peasants besieged the bishop’s castle


The city was taken by the Swedes, end of the bishopric


Haapsalu was granted town privileges


The first mud bath facility, beginning of the resort business


Peter I of Russia in Haapsalu


Beginning of the Soviet occupation


Haapsalu focuses on its resort town traditions in the newly independent Estonia


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